General Information/Hireable items


General information

The following items can be hired for your holiday:

Travel Cot (£5.00), High Chair (£5.00). Two items hired together reduce to £7.50 for duration of holiday.

Irons and ironing boards can be provided free of charge on request. These are not routinely provided in the caravan.

We provide duvets and pillows but please make sure that you bring your own quilt covers and pillow cases and bottom sheets. Bedding can be hired at a price of £20.00 per caravan and needs to be booked in advance. This cost covers laundery and labour. Any one found sleeping in the beds without using any bedding will be asked to either hire it from us or purchase their own as we do not allow our quilts and pillows to be used unprotected for obvious reasons.

We no longer do one night stays in our caravans as the cos for passes would be £50 so we could not do this under £100 which is dearer than a local B&B.

Payment for your holiday can now be made by bank transfer, PayPal using friends and family so as not to incur charges or cheque A non returnable £50 deposit will secure any caravan. This will be reduced from final cost of your holiday. All holidays must be paid for a minimum of 3 weeks before the start date. This will be 4 weeks for a first time booking with us.

We are happy for you to pay your holiday in installments. Please send in a stamped addressed envelope for each additional payment and a new receipt will be issued each time an installment is received until final payment has been made.

If paying for your holiday in cash this must be sent registered post. We will not be held responsible for any money going missing in the post.

We do not accept same sex or young groups in our caravans, or young couples where at least one of them is not 21 (we do of course book out to the more mature same sex groups). Any groups turning up and advising us that the senior member of the party is unable to come will have their holiday cancelled and no refund will be made. We did try to be a bit lenient with this rule in but unfortunately on almost every occasion that we allowed the guests in, problems were reported by other guests regarding noise etc. and our guests had to be asked to leave the site. This is unfair on us and you so we will not be bending this rule in on any occasion in the future.

We have our own on site team to look after all our guests so any problems with any of the caravans should be reported via the information given you when final paperwork is sent out to you. Anyone who decides to go to the site offices to report a problem instead of via the correct channels will automatically have any bills incurred sent on to them. Coastfields charge £22.50 if they are called out to light a boiler,re-set a TV, light a fire, change a battery in a smoke alarm etc. Obviously if you have a problem with a gas leak or another emergency if you cannot get hold of us then you should then go straight to reception and report the problem.

Please note any refunds requested less than 4 weeks before the start of a holiday will be made at the discretion of the owner. Proof of reason for cancellation will be required. We do not accept family and friend disputes as a reason for a refund. We have no problem with you selling the holiday on in these situations but please remember to let us have names of the new party coming to enable us to update our records. Also, bad weather, hospital appointments, want to miss busy traffic etc are not reasons to ask for a rebate if you decide to leave the site before your final day.